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Achieve a Recovery at Work

Trust, care and support from experienced professionals.

For Workers

Workplace rehabilitation providers support you to achieve a recovery at work.


We work with you, your employer and your treating health professionals, and your family to help you recover.

Our Rehabilitation Consultants are qualified health professionals, trained in managing injuries and illnesses.

Our role is to use our experience and knowledge to support you, your employer, medical doctor and therapists to help you to return to your pre-injury life and employment.

We explore all options for returning you to pre-injury employment, and if you are not medically capable of returning to your pre-injury employment, we will help you to find new employment, based on your skills and medical capacity.

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Returning to Work at your Current Workplace

We go to your workplace and get an understanding of your role by reviewing your pre-injury employment and talking to you and your employer

We work with all your treating medical and health professionals to make sure we are increasing your employment tasks safely. We also make sure your supporting medical and health professionals understand the requirements of your employment. We may attend your doctor visits with you, to help with coordinating your recovery in the workplace.

We like to know how you are going at home and whether you are having any challenges getting normal home tasks done, to make sure you are able to cope around the home.


In the event that you are unable to return to your pre-injury employer, we are able to offer assistance to find new employment.

  • Assessments to look at your skills, education and experience to identify new work options
  • Employment seeking assistance to help with tasks such as writing resumes and applying for employment
  • Accessing programs that support you to find a new employment
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